Your Home Sold Guaranteed!!

Your home sold GUARANTEED, or I’ll buy it for Cash!

Don’t get stuck owning TWO homes!

Do you buy first, or sell first?  What a dilemma! Either way is risky and you don’t want to get stuck owning two homes or no home at all.  Put this worry behind you with my sold guarantee.

When you list your current home with me and buy your new home with me you receive my risk free offer.  In fact, you are doubly protected and here’s how:

  1. You receive my upfront guaranteed price in writing that I will sell your present home before you take possession of your new home.
  2. If you receive an offer that is higher than the guaranteed price from an outside buyer, you get the higher offer, not me,

This means that when you see your dream home,  you can react immediately to negotiate the lowest price possible with a firm cash offer (with no conditions!)

Two reports are available:

  • If you plan to move within the next 6 months, you’ll need to organize yourself quickly. Even in this short time frame there are many issues that you can address. Click here to order Report #1. (Please remember to include your name and address.)
  • If it will be longer than 6 months, there are a greater number of issues you can address and you will have a broader choice of options.
    Click here to order Report #2. (Don’t forget to include your name and address.)