5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

Ever feel like the cleaning around your home never end? How many hours have you lost dealing with tricky cleanups that you just couldn’t resolve? If that is the case then you are in the right place — we have 5 hacks for you that can resolve these issues definitively. Among these tips, you will find resolutions for the most persistent and time-wasting cleaning problems. They’ll save you time and help you avoid getting overly stressed over cleaning.

Messy microwave?

All the ingredients are affordable and most people have them on hand. Cut a lemon and place them in a microwaveable bowl with 4 cups of water. Place the bowl inside the microwave and run it until the water boils. Keep the microwave door closed for ten minutes so that the steam can work its miracles. Take the bowl out of the microwave. Remove the turntable and the carousel. Soak the removable components in hot, soapy water. Wipe down the microwave interior with vinegar and water solution. Continue wiping until no baking soda residue remains.

Nail holes?

Are you thinking of ways to patch up small holes in your wall? Say from nails where a picture frame or painting used to hang? There is a very easy and cheap way to hide them. You just need a toothpick or a Q-Tip and toothpaste!

Reminder: This will only work with small holes.

Squeeze some white toothpaste on a toothpick or Q-tip of slightly bigger holes. Push the toothpaste into the hole in the wall. Spread a bit extra toothpaste around the outside of the hole to make sure no gaps will be left. Use a flat edge ( table knife or a card will do) to make the toothpaste perfectly blend with the wall. Let the toothpaste dry and you can also fix the color to match the wall.

Stained iron plate?

Make a paste from water and baking soda. The paste should still be a little runny but thick enough so it will stick on the iron plate. After the iron plate has cooled, spread the paste generously on the iron plate and leave the paste on for a few minutes. Clean the iron plate with a clean, wet cloth and remove the paste. To clean the steam holes, use a cotton swab and dip into some clean water to remove the gunk coming out of the holes.

Filthy door slides?

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to make sure the vinegar and water mix well together. Sprinkle baking soda onto the tracks that have a lot of dirt buildup. Make sure to sprinkle the baking soda until all the dirty areas are covered. Spray the water-vinegar solution and soak the entire track with the solution. Let it bubble for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub the area down with a toothbrush or wire brush.

This part can be backbreaking and painful in the knees. Instead of bending and kneeling down, you can use the ELECTRIC POWER CLEANING SCRUBBER. This scrubber is more effective and versatile than a traditional cleaning brush and eliminates the hassle of scrubbing and replaces all other cleaning brushes in the home built to be great for many of your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. It comes with 3 head brushes and one of them is the Cone brush head that is perfect for cleaning sliding door tracks. Check out the Electric Power Cleaning Scrubber by clicking HERE.

After scrubbing the area, wipe it down using a rag and remove the excess dirt and grime. Open the door and repeat the process on the other side. Once you wipe it dry, your tracks should be clean.

Sink stains?

Make a cleaning solution by mixing soda (preferably Coca Cola) and toothpaste in a spray bottle. Spray the solution to the dirty part of the sink and let it soak for a few minutes. Scrub the sink using a brush or toothbrush but if you want to make it easier, use the Electric Power Cleaning Scrubber.

Coke and toothpaste serve as good cleaning products as they remove all the stains from the sink and sometimes it also remove grease from the p-trap and pipelines.

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse the sink with clean water and wipe the sink dry.