4 Must-Know Tips for Home Floor Cleaning

4 Must-Know Tips for Home Floor Cleaning

Flooring, no matter what the material is, needs proper cleaning. Besides more appealing and healthier to the home residents, thoroughly cleaned floors also make the flooring more durable and last longer. Below are some basic cleaning tips on how to give good care of your floor.

1. Waxing is not required.

Instead of waxing, the key to maintain your floor clean and shiny is by sweeping and mopping it regularly. For floor mopping, you do not need special, costly cleaning solution. Warm water works well with all types of flooring while a solution of mild soap added to water works well with most types of flooring. The exception is for laminate floors which are not recommendable to be cleaned with detergents due to streaks they leave after the mopping. When mopping with soap, change the detergent solution with the new one when it starts to look dirty. The floor will be sticky and lose its shine if given too much soap or dirty water. Rinse the floor with clean water after detergent mopping. Avoid using scrub pads while cleaning tile floors made of ceramics since they are easily scratched.

2. Vinegar is a magic helper.

As we know beforehand, vinegar has many benefits which include giving your floor shiny and clean surface. Most of the time, vinegar is applicable for cleaning tile floors. Add a cup of vinegar into a gallon of water for homemade mopping solution. Besides cheap, this method also consumes less time since you do not have to give second rinse after vinegar mopping. Nevertheless, forget using vinegar if your tile flooring is made from stone. Vinegar is corrosive towards stone flooring material that it will easily damage the stone tile floors. Laminate floors and vinyl floors are safer to be cleaned with vinegar and other alkali products.

3. Always dust before mop.

Dusting or sweeping prior to mopping the floor is necessary for easier mopping. When dirt and grit are unswept, they will leave messier condition on the floor. Since mopping cannot lift dirt and grit, they will scatter around the floor giving dirtier spacer or even scratches everywhere. If you are not used to this method, make this as a habit. This is the best method for having a clean and shiny floor.

4. Clean grout effectively.

Old grout with heavy stains may need heavy duty cleaner along with special grout brush with stiff bristles. On tougher grout stains, use bleacher. For grout with mildew, use the solution of chlorine bleacher and water with 1:5 ratios. However, bleachers are only applicable for monochromatic grout in plain color. Pouring bleachers onto colored grout will make the color becoming dull, or worse, removed.