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You may not believe it but porches require more regular maintenance than indoor spaces. It is the first impression your home makes to the outside world. If you neglect this part of your home, and dirt and debris can quickly build up and the people will assume the inside of […]

How To Clean and Maintain Your Porch

A fire blanket is useful in putting out small fires before they become big fires. A fire blanket is a safety device which is used to put out or extinguish small fires which are in their starting stage. Fire blankets are highly flame-resistant so that it can be positioned over […]

5 Safety Benefits of Fire Blankets

Fewer places in your house need more cleaning and potentially use more chemicals than your bathroom. Often a windowless small space, with high humidity and warmth, is the perfect breeding ground for hold and mildew.  As well, it is a room that uses a lot of resources and can contain […]

10 Ways to Green Your Bathroom